Live Green and Earn Points


  • Colleen D. 12 days ago
    I use reusable grocery bags, but somehow I still end up with plastic bags. When I do, I use them for cleaning the cat box and then they go in the trash. I know, it's not recycled that way, but it still makes for a great use for the bags.
  • vernyce d. 15 days ago
    put foods into reusable containers and bring some w/you if it's a potluck!
  • TINA F. 1 month ago
    People need to be more educated. It hurts me to see recyclable items in the trash when the recycling bins is right beside it. My coworkers have made fun of me for standing and picking it out of the garbage and putting it into the recycling bin. It took lots of campaigning to get the receptacles at our hospital, I want to use them to their capacity. At least no one that knows me know puts recyclables in the trash near me. I dont care what they say - we ALL can do our part !
    • vernyce d. 15 days ago
      hey, then there's your coworkers who disregard the no smoking w/in a certain number of feet outside the hospital - throwing away butt filters that take nearly a decade to decompose!
  • Tyler R. 1 month ago
    I did not get my points
  • Lori S. 1 month ago
    Nothing will ever change until we make the people who make all the money on making plastic pay for recycling and disposal. Consumers are not making a difference. Then it will make economic sense to change things if there is no money in making plastic.
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