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Energy Calculator

The last thing you should be surprised by is your electricity bill.

Whether you’re trying to limit your carbon footprint or looking for quick and easy ways to cut down your energy bill, CTA can help you dial it back. The energy calculator will take you room-by-room through your home to crunch your electronics’ energy-usage numbers, and you’ll get some great tips for using energy more efficiently. Plus, you’ll earn 15 points just for participating.

Here’s how to get your points:

  • Click the Get Started button below to visit the CTA Energy Calculator.
  • Drag the electronics you use into the house. For each electronic, be sure to answer the questions that pop up and click the Add button.
  • When you are done adding electronics to your house, scroll down and hit the Calculate button.
  • Once you hit Calculate, you’ll see your score! Look for the Recyclebank banner at the bottom of the page to get your points!

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  • Robert A. 1 year ago
    What a drag.
  • Abby W. 1 year ago
    Couldn't play, no houses to drag to on the right :/
  • Rose F. 2 years ago
    I only use my desktop to print coupons on once a month than I cut it off. I keep things unplugged when not in use. I have a cheap power bill in the winter but with the AC it goes up in the summer. I have a gas water heater, gas heat and gas bookstore which saves me a lot. I use my tablet for messaging so I use my home phone less and my cell phone is only on when I leave home. My house is well insulated which saves a lot of money.
  • Joane J. 2 years ago
    I've been on a "time of use" plan that my electric company offered its customers back in 1991. For the first 18 yrs, the annual savings for participants were noted on the last bill of each year and I kept careful track of this. My total savings over the 18 yrs was $3,996.26! I'm still on the time-of-use plan (and love it!) but my electric company no longer includes one's annual savings on the final bill of the year.
  • Lori L. 2 years ago
    Yup. Hit refresh after you take the energy challenge and your screen will update.
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