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  • Richard M. 2 months ago
    Recycling is only part of the answer, understanding the problem is a must.
  • Ron O. 2 months ago
    Alkaline batteries are NOT HHW, only RECHARGEABLE batteries need to be taken to a HHW drop off, you shouldn't be publishing INCORRECT and OUTDATED information like this.
  • SUELANE G. 2 months ago
    Protocol is getting complicated :(
  • Bob T. 2 months ago
    Is it OK to put empty cardboard milk & juice containers in the recycling ?, since they have a coating on the inside ???
  • Shelly E. 2 months ago
    My city has taken away the special bins to collect batteries, stating the way they are made now they can go to the landfill. I disagree and try to collect what I can and go to Home Depot and Lowes to have them recycled.
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