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End Of The Week Recap: March 29th

By Recyclebank |

Here’s a quick recap of some key eco-living info from this past week.


What other interesting things did you learn on the site this week? Share in the comments below!

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  • Rebecca L. 1 year ago
    I wish there were more places that took styrofoam, for recycling. Unfortunately our couch was packed in it when they delivered it.
  • Paul M. 1 year ago
    I would like to know where I can recycle #6 containers.
  • Lisa T. 1 year ago
    I like sharing this info with my son.
    In turn I hear him sharing with his friends :)
  • Elizah L. 1 year ago
    I just want to let the "Recyclebank powers-that-be" that I really appreciate absorbing all of these nifty eco facts throughout the weeks and months. Thanks a lot for caring enough to spread this helpful knowledge :)