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End Of The Week Recap: February 22nd 20

By Recyclebank |

Here’s a quick recap of some key eco-living info from this past week.


What other interesting things did you learn on the site this week? Share in the comments below!

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  • Hillary W. 16 hours ago
    Is raffia (decorative string made of colored paper) acceptable to use to bundle newspapers?
  • Sonny S. 23 days ago
    The question was about twine, not plastic twine. Regular twine is recyclable. The plastic kind isn't.
  • Chris L. 26 days ago
    I learned that plastic twine or rope of any kind is actually a contaminant for recycling. These specific facts about specific plastics and materials underscore how involved recycling can be. Thanks for increasing our knowledge base and understanding of the best ways to recycle and work towards a better world.
  • Debra L. 26 days ago
    A reminder that we can do better.
  • Carol B. 26 days ago
    i liked this recap. It gives me a chance to see what i remember.
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