Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jessica C. 2 years ago
    My 2 recycling center STOP TAKING PAPER, What should I DO???❓❓❓❓
  • tommy b. 3 years ago
  • Cindy W. 3 years ago
    It's obvious that if a pizza box has grease on the bottom of the box the bottom portion of box should be thrown out, however, if the top of the box is perfectly clean I will cut that portion out an recycle it.
    • Lucy L. 3 years ago
      Forunately for us, our trash company (Athens) has compost bins for curbside. They accept stuff like food-soiled carboard (ex: pizza boxes) and paper plates. Yay!
    • Cindy W. 3 years ago
      This doesn't make sense. Food-soiled cardboard contaminates the whole mix if it is not caught before the process.. Also placing contaminated with clean could also get the clean contaminated. Could you explain further their process?
    • George G. 3 years ago
      You and Lucy are talking about two different things. Food contamination means the paper cannot be recycled into lower quality paper. Lucy is correct that it can be composted.
    • Cindy W. 3 years ago
      I get it now. Thanks for clarifying.