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End Of The Week Recap: April 19th

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Here’s a quick recap of some key eco-living info from this past week.

Recycling materials saves energy over making products with virgin materials.
Saving energy by recycling helps reduce greenhouse gases.
  • True
  • False
Plastics can leach toxic chemicals into the environment when improperly disposed of.
Recycling plastic can give it new life, but often plastics are downcycled into less valuable and less recyclable products. Reducing your use of plastics is even better!
  • True
  • False
What does the mission-driven brand BlueAvocado sell?
BlueAvocado food-storage products promote reuse by providing alternatives to throw-away, single-use plastic.
  • Fresh, local vegetables
  • Reusable food-storage containers
  • Blue avocados
Which of these CANNOT be recycled curbside?
Cooking pots are considered scrap metal, and toasters are considered e-waste.
  • A. Toaster
  • B. Aluminum can
  • C. Metal cooking pot
  • D. Both A and C
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