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End Of The Week Recap: April 12th

By Recyclebank |

Here’s a quick recap of some key eco-living info from this past week.


What other interesting things did you learn on the site this week? Share in the comments below!

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  • Justin M. 1 year ago
    My girl is gonna be mad the next time she goes to do her makeup. “ Baby! It’s for the baby possums.”
  • Glenda F. 1 year ago
    I am amazed that mascara wands are useful.
  • Jenna W. 1 year ago
    Hi!! Is anyone else running into trouble earning points on completed quizzes, etc, on this website lately?
  • Julia P. 1 year ago
    New to me about reusing the mascara wands. One brand, Pacifica Cosmetics, will accept your old Pacifica containers to recycle. Great to have a company close the loop!
  • Lyudmil N. 1 year ago
    Thanks So Much! 2/3
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