Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lee M. 1 month ago
    instead of wrapping paper try material and ribbon that can be reused.
  • Cindy A. 1 month ago
    I quit using wrapping paper for all gifts and use gift bags instead. If the person isn't going to te-use them, they will give them back to me so I can re-use them. Although it's time consuming, I also flatten out any tissue paper and re-use that as well.
  • christine p. 1 month ago
    I recycle wrapping paper and sometimes reuse it if its not too torn.
  • Glenda A. 2 months ago
    Plastic is easy to recycle. Glass is no longer accepted in our city so that is more of a problem. I use brown paper bags for gift bags.
  • Samathy H. 2 months ago
    Holiday cards can be cut down to make cute gift tags for the following year. You can punch a hole through the tag you have made, and thread a thin piece of used ribbon through it, to make the tag a "tie-on."
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