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Does Recycling Glass Actually Save Resources? 5

By Recyclebank |

One good reason to recycle is that it saves lots of energy. How much energy does glass-bottle recycling save? Find out!

Does Recycling
Glass Actually
Save Resources?
Yes! In fact, by recycling just 5 glass
bottles per week for a year, you'd save
enough energy to light a compact
florescent bulb for 2.5 months!


You can see how much energy your own glass-recycling habits are saving by inputing how much glass you recycle weekly here »

And learn more about glass recycling here »

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  • Belle S. 13 days ago
    Quite an interesting fact. Maybe such trivia should be shared by recycling companies, people might find some additional motivation!
  • Kate R. 16 days ago
    I'd like to see more containers made of glass...think they will be the best when the long term effects of plastic are known
  • Dawn C. 28 days ago
    recycling is so easy I am not sure why people just don't do it. glass bins once a month in WA state . I think if the deposit on the glass was able to be turned in at a center more people would do it. in the 70-90's I made good money as a kid in Chicago collecting pop bottles and soda cans and each month taking it all to be weighed and counted. I would walk away with like 80-90 bucks plus I did all of my neighbors lawns and helped them restore old furniture.
  • Steven C. 1 month ago
  • Patricia G. 1 month ago
    I wish our state would recycle glass or at least the county I am in.
    • Lisa H. 29 days ago
      Same here!!
    • Ava J. 25 days ago
      We are so far behind.In Germany if you don't separate and recycle it sits there. They don't pick up .No plastic bags there. Bring a bag or out of luck!
    • Chris G. 23 days ago
      That is so true. I grew up off base and my mother still lives there. They even lock their trash to make sure it is correct so they don't get fined.