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  • Patti N. 2 months ago
    Our city no longer accepts glass curbside because they couldn’t find a buyer for it without shipping long distances, which uses fossil fuels, contributes to air pollution, etc. we reuse and repurpose as much as possible but there’s still an awful lot that goes into the trash. What can we do to encourage more companies to use recycled glass and what else can we do with our used glass containers?
  • Cynthia S. 4 months ago
    That is very interesting. I had no idea.
  • Belle S. 5 months ago
    Quite an interesting fact. Maybe such trivia should be shared by recycling companies, people might find some additional motivation!
  • Kate R. 5 months ago
    I'd like to see more containers made of glass...think they will be the best when the long term effects of plastic are known
    • Gina L. 2 months ago
      I wish I had the skill of glass cutting. It would be great if people took it up. I bet many would be able to make terrific things of what would have been junked.
  • Dawn C. 5 months ago
    recycling is so easy I am not sure why people just don't do it. glass bins once a month in WA state . I think if the deposit on the glass was able to be turned in at a center more people would do it. in the 70-90's I made good money as a kid in Chicago collecting pop bottles and soda cans and each month taking it all to be weighed and counted. I would walk away with like 80-90 bucks plus I did all of my neighbors lawns and helped them restore old furniture.
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