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Does Recycling Even Matter?

By Recyclebank |

In honor of International Skeptics Day, we’re taking a closer look around some of the numbers on waste diversion.

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If all recyclable and organics material were diverted from landfills each year, how much money would that save municipalities across the country?
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Recycling doesn’t deliver as much ROI as it used to for municipalities—we understand that, but helping our communities manage (and reduce) the costs of disposing our solid waste by diverting  it from landfills is still the best option we have.

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Every so often, an author will write an op-ed questioning the value of recycling. While marketplace challenges have made recycling more difficult, looking at the sustainable and economic benefits of waste diversion can show why it’s still a critical part of a city’s solid waste plan.


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  • Chris L. 5 days ago
    Thanks for reviewing the value of recycling again. Many people question why I believe in recycling and why I expend so much energy to avoid plastics and find other ways to enjoy life without contributing to the environmental issues. This affects us all - especially the younger generation who will be living with the effects of past excess waste and lack of concern for the environment. We can make a difference - one person at a time, one product at a time, one small conscious decision each day . Keep up the great work!
  • m c. 5 days ago
    before I start here--my "?" letter is the one after O and before Q, for some reason that letter is not working! The money a com?any s?ends or saves on NOT sending waste to landfill--wouldn't that money be s?ent sending it ot the com?ost or recycling ?lants? So your com?any may save in one area but s?end in another. My bill in San Francisco is over $1 a day now over $400 a year with a 16 gallon trash, 32 gallon recycling and 64 gallon recyclables bin. Once u?on a time we were told our bills would go down if the recyclables brought in money. Trouble is too many ?eo?le remove the recyclables from the bins and take them to the recycling yards and get the money. As far as com?ost, we can get a few 5 gallon buckets a year from them. So where does all the rest of it go and who gets the money???
  • Audrey N. 7 days ago
    My winning streak is over.
  • Barbara W. 7 days ago
    Got them all, thanks for all the points!
  • John D. 8 days ago
    Interviewer: Sir, are you a skeptic?
    Interviewee: I doubt it!
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