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Dial Back Your Energy Usage

The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but we use 19% of its energy. Here are some simple ways to lower your impact.

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recycle paper at home instead of sending it to the landfill
Complete this slideshow to find out what the impact would be.
Dial Back Your Energy Usage
Yeah! You did it! Now that you’re all prepped to save some serious energy, share your thoughts below! We’d love to hear what works for you.
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  • Glenda F. 3 years ago
    I use only CFL bulbs and always recycle them.
  • Charles H. 4 years ago
    I like that saving energy and resources equates to saving money.
  • Linda W. 5 years ago
    I try to run all of my errands in as few trips as possible! I like to think I'm saving wear and tear on the car and tires, as well as saving the $ for fuel
  • Batya M. 5 years ago
    I once had an energy audit of the house done by a rep from our city's electric company. The man suggested I plug small air leaks (double-hung windows where the windows meet, etc.) using grocery store shopping bags! I checked in the basement for places where air was sneaking in, too. Careful- don't use near hot water heater or furnace if they can melt. I also found a way to make "sausages" out of them for draft dodgers at the bottom of the doorways. I've been using plastic bags this way for years. I really makes a difference.
  • Sue T. 5 years ago
    Would love to know where I might find more ideas for energy consumption
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