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Debunking 5 Paper Recycling Myths 25

By Recyclebank |
Nearly two-thirds of U.S. paper products are recycled, but the supply remains limited.  That’s because some types of paper simply shouldn’t be recycled.
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All paper boxes and packaging are recyclable, even ones with waxy coating or other lining.
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Nice work. Just remember this simple rule: If it’s paper, paperboard or cardboard, and it’s not coated or greasy, it’s totally recyclable! If any of the questions surprised you, tell us about it in the comments below.
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There’s a lot of fact and fiction around what types of paper are recyclable and how to recycle right. With this short quiz, we’ll tackle the top five questions we get about paper recycling and make it all just a little easier for you!
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  • Sabina D. 16 days ago
    We can put plastic bags in our recycling. Nevada
  • Sue L. 23 days ago
    I have never recycled a pizza box because the pizza toppings (olive pieces, sausage pieces, mushrooms that don't stick on the pizza, etc.) can get onto the cardboard and then it's contaminated. Sometimes the pizza is extra greasy, so there is some excess and it can get on the cardboard also, paper or not. Our company lists pizza boxes under the no items.
  • Audrey W. 23 days ago
    I know I have had to do the exact same thing when we first started to recycle
  • Ivy P. 1 month ago
    I was clearing out the food containers drawer, tops or bottoms that don't fit, I was tossing, getting rid of excess stuff, suddenly the lightbulb went off [plastic, not trash recycle dummy] spent next five minutes digging stuff out of garbage can for recycle can, hope I was right. Ivy
  • Jeff Van L. 1 month ago
    Information given in this activity is WRONG.
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