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  • Lawra A. 24 days ago
    I never realized glass had so many recycling issues. I try to reuse glass around my house but I may double my efforts now! lol
  • Connie W. 1 month ago
    Reuse the jars by painting them and decorating them.
  • Janet O. 1 month ago
    Our city recycling just stopped taking glass. I don't want to throw it out, I don't know what to do with it.
    • Linda W. 6 days ago
      I'm afraid that the same thing will happen here...but by the same token, we can use our own glass jars for storage and just hold onto a lot of it! I have an entire cupboard in the basement full of nice clean bottles and containers! (Don't tell anybody)
  • Daniel S. 3 months ago
    I always make sure that the glass jars we use are thoroughly cleaned before recycling.
  • Donna K. 3 months ago
    Glass Breaks and costs more $ for recycling plants what can be done to recycle glass AND keep costs down?
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