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  • Mark M. 1 month ago
    Styrofoam can sometimes go in the bin. Our recycler lists it as OK to put in the recycling bin.
  • Mary Anne F. 2 months ago
    Our recycling center only takes #1 plastics. However they do recycle paper and cardboard and glass, I am happy to say. Our family goes through a lot of products daily and I am glad for the recycling system .
  • Wendy L. 2 months ago
    Our recycling center can only take 1s and 2s. During beach cleanups we've been finding more and more small bits of styrofoam over the last few years. Sure wish there was a place and way for that to be recycled!
  • Cindi O. 3 months ago
    My recycling center takes plastics 1,2 and 5-7, no screw on caps though
  • Leah K. 1 year ago
    I wish I could find a place that will take the styrofoam. Yesterday someone in the neighborhood put some out with recycling and it flew all over the street. :(
    • Caroline C. 1 year ago
      I read somewhere that shipping stores would take Styrofoam to use in packages that they send out. I took some to a shipping store near me and, by golly, what I read is correct! They took it and were glad to do it.
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