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  • Leah K. 9 months ago
    I wish I could find a place that will take the styrofoam. Yesterday someone in the neighborhood put some out with recycling and it flew all over the street. :(
    • Caroline C. 8 months ago
      I read somewhere that shipping stores would take Styrofoam to use in packages that they send out. I took some to a shipping store near me and, by golly, what I read is correct! They took it and were glad to do it.
  • Mary W. 10 months ago
    We have curbside recycling, and they started out saying no caps; now they say leave the caps on. Things change! We have VERY LITTLE actual trash as we both recycle and compost, and use reusable bags for shopping -- which is pretty much how my grandparents lived on the farm 80 years ago!
  • Tammy A. 1 year ago
    My recycling center sometimes doesn't up some months and when they do they leave a mess.bsometimes they take everything and sometimes they leave things. They never tell us what they won't take beside cleaning g product plastic bottles or oily bottles.
  • lisa t. 1 year ago
    Our recycling center takes milk bottles but not the caps. Anyone else's center like that?
  • Patty M. 1 year ago
    Our trash hauler doesn't do recycling so I take my recyclables into town where there is a Sheltered Workshop that has a recycling center.
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