Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sheila R. 2 years ago
    I cook soup in my large aluminum turkey pan immediately after turkey to cook out what the hot water and soap might miss because I walk off and let it cool. Salt helps the cooking and the soup and can be thinned out for health reasons with water as the soup is poured off. Then my turkey pan is cleaned and dried and reusable for planting cherry seeds to get them started to the greenhouse.
  • Gabrielle K. 3 years ago
    Soap containers and plastic bins.
  • mary b. 3 years ago
    lot of good info
  • sandra b. 3 years ago
    I have tried in vain to convince friends that their grease stained pizza boxes should not be recycled but they just think I'm nuts. How do we educate people about the do's and don't's?Most claim they're too busy t0 visit sites like this. Can we give teachers incentives to display posters or plan science lessons around recycling?
  • TheyCallMe H. 4 years ago
    This is a lifetime of experience. Amazing info.
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