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Container Labels Make Recycling Life Easier 5

By Recyclebank |

Whether you’re hosting an event or just trying to get everyone at home to dispose of items responsibly, these labels will make it easier than ever!

The easiest way to ensure that the right disposables end up in the right container is to clearly mark your containers. After downloading these labels and giving them a quick snip of the scissors, you can be confident that family, friends, and other guests will have no problem figuring out where to dispose of containers, scraps, and other items. If, and when, you dispose of these labels, be sure to recycle them too.

Landfill (Trash) Container Label


Recycling Container Label

(If your community doesn’t recycle glass curbside,
choose the recycling download here instead.)

Compost Container Label


Once you’ve got all of your containers labeled and looking good, post a pic of your set up on social media using #RecycleRight.

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  • Erika O. 3 days ago
    I printed out on a USED sheet and I'm taking it to the ladies who do my manicure, and I am adding the numbers of plastic the recycling center accepts 1 -5 & 7 ONLY! I've been picking up their plastic and cans
  • jose r. 27 days ago
    amazing i didn't know that
  • Sindia M. 1 month ago
    Love the download- use them at work
  • Jacquie I. 2 months ago
    Thank you for posting these signs. I like the fact that they show what happens to the waste - specifically the landfill one! I am picturing one for incineration - flames and smoke!
  • Gina M. 2 months ago
    Did not know you can compost coffee filters. I always buy unbleached filters.
    • Erika O. 3 days ago
      Just a suggestion, you can find one that is plastic but you can reuse it for ages!
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