Live Green and Earn Points


  • O P. 1 month ago
    Life is Good! :)
  • Molly J. 4 months ago
    Very interesting.
  • TINA F. 5 months ago
    Since learning more here, I am much more conscious of what I purchase, the packaging it comes in, and how many uses I will get out of it. I have to collect and take my own recycled goods to the collection site, but seeing how quickly it adds up really makes me feel better about the extra work. I would love to live in an area with curbside pickup, but til I do, I will take my own. If we could ALL do our part, it would really make a difference.
  • Mary Jo E. 6 months ago
    I avoid using straws but find that i need a straw when drinking beverages in the car. I found stainless steel straws online that came with a brush specially suited to cleaning the straws. I love them!
  • Jennifer J. 7 months ago
    My family of 4 went Vegan 3 years ago to reduce our impact in the planet and animal suffering. We use a Berky water filtration system and stopped buying bottled water, we recycle, use a Soda Stream instead of buying Perrier bottles. We use reusable grocery bags and use natural environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, use HE appliances and light bulbs and use reusable straws. We want to do more and are constantly searching for ways to reduce our waste. I’ve learned a lot from this website. Thank you for making a difference by educating the public.
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