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Climate Change Realities 30

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What main human activities contribute to climate change; what are some of the early effects, and what can you do to help? Find out with this quiz!

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Great job! What daily habits have you cultivated to reduce your environmental impact? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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With so many people living on the planet, our individual actions add up to big effects on ecosystems and the climate. Learn more about our impact on the climate and what you can do about it!

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  • Mary Lee R. 4 days ago
    I have been a recycler long before curbside in my city. No bottled water...use a filtering pitcher. Just received a box of lightbulbs, a handheld shower and other updated items from my has and electric company. I am fortunate to live in a community that is on target for helping improve the environment.
  • Deborah W. 8 days ago
    I do my individual share to improve the everyday impact of recycling, hope to do more. Thank you.
  • William L. 8 days ago
    I go vegan to not negatively impact the earth.
  • Frances G. 8 days ago
    I limit my use of paper products like paper towels by using drying cloths instead. Plus since I have a large stock of them, I have a drying area so that I can wash them later with a regular load of laundry. I don't buy paper plates, cups nor disposable eating utensils. I use daily pottery or china and metal flatware. I use a water filtering pitcher and do not buy bottled water. I love older things so I buy from antique and recycle shops and garage sales . I use multi use freezer containers instead of single use bags. I recycle faithfully. I carry my own and my dog's water in reusable carrying containers. I also carry a collapsable pet water bowl to avoid germs and contamination of public water fountains. My pet peeves are liter and shopping carts that are not returned to the "cart return area". I will grumpily pick up liter with the exception of other folks pet's "poop" and and shove the cart to it's proper place . I distribute my used coffee grounds in my flower beds and lawn to be processed by earthworms that enrich the soil. I also spread crushed eggshells in the flower beds to eliminate snails rather than use pesticides. I could go on and on, but I won't.
  • Sue T. 11 days ago
    I take my own water everywhere in an insulated cup with stainless straw; recycle not just at home but also carry recycling home from my volunteer job; stress recycling to my friends that don't do it; buy clothes & other items at resale shops; use my own shopping bags; use a compost bin; reuse as much as possible.
    • Michael O. 9 days ago
      I like the "stainless straw" you mentioned. I, when needed, used paper but it gave me cold blood by the feel of it for some reason. I'll check out sites and purchase one for my wife and myself. Unfortunately I cringe when my wife uses plastic straws even though I try to educate her about the detrimental effects of such use. Maybe she'll come around with my "gift". Thanks!
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