Live Green and Earn Points


  • Carol G. 1 year ago
    Please either allow us to donate to Haven or remove the information. It's off-putting to Recyclebank users to find things that don't work or that , as in this case, say 'out of stock'!
  • ALEX R. 1 year ago
    Nothing has worked for me for months. I have thousands of points and nothing to do with them. Let me do some research.
  • Josetta W. 1 year ago
    Please, let us donate our points to Haven or another great organization. It's Oct. 5, 2020 -- Haven continues to be OUT OF STOCK!!
    • Laurel L. 1 year ago
      I agree! I wanted to donate points when this article was first posted and couldn't do it then! I keep checking, hoping it's changed.
  • Terry M. 1 year ago
    AS OF 09/01/2020......Donating points to Haven is OUT OF STOCK!!!! Please bring this one back!!!
  • TINA F. 1 year ago
    I like donating Child magazine subscriptions our shelter and to the Children’s hospital.
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