Live Green and Earn Points


  • carol m. 1 month ago
  • Barbara W. 1 month ago
    Look above at the article and notice the LAST sentence. That was Ben our previous moderator offering us 50 points during Earth Month. There were 500 points offered in all. We just had to L00K for them, like hunting for Easter eggs.
    The good ole days!!!
  • Stacy M. 1 month ago
    I found a good way to donate some of my points. There are 4 schools to donate points to that ends May 4, 2022.
  • Stacy M. 1 month ago
    When I was younger I got a tree from McDonald's. Dad planted it and it is still here after 30 years.
  • LILY D. 2 months ago
    In the 90s, my oldest daughter brought a little tree home from school to plant for Earth Day. We promptly planted it, and that tree is still there today. It's a very fond family memory. I'd like to see more hands on projects for Earth Day again!
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