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Can You Recycle Small Appliances Curbside?

By Recyclebank |

Find out if you can put small appliances in your curbside recycle.


Before you chuck it, see if your electronic home appliances and mobile devices can be repaired by a handy person. Often a small fix can have these products working like new, saving you both time and money, and reducing your footprint by delaying the need to buy a new item.

If you’re upgrading, return your electronics to a retailer for a credit on a new device. If an item you have is beyond the refurbishing option, a good place to take it is your nearest Best Buy store. They take nearly all kinds of electronics, from toaster ovens to hard drives.

It’s wrong to put electronics in the trash because they’ll end up in landfills where they can leach toxins into the environment.

It’s also wrong to put electronics in the curbside recycle because e-waste is a recycling contaminant that makes standard recycling more difficult and more costly — because these items must be filtered out and properly disposed of. Learn more about e-waste »

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  • Laura D. 2 years ago
    I will check our BestBuy! I certainly hope so!
  • Karen K. 2 years ago
    We have a disposal site for small appliances and electronics. It's all the way across the city,and unreachable unless you have a car. They will not pick up. And their hours suck. It's just as bad as having none at all. (For the record, the local Best Buy is just as bad, except for the hours. Sigh.)
  • joyce n. 2 years ago
    the dates are wrong on the gift cards
  • David S. 2 years ago
    The Town of Davie holds a HHW, (household hazardous waste) and electronics collection every three months where you can take your non-working powered products, (AC, DC, wind up generated, etc) for recycling. Even so, I still see people putting TVs and other electronic items in their bulk pickup. Fortunately there are people that come around collecting anything that can be recycled, so not much of it makes it to the landfill.
  • Ariel H. 2 years ago
    I did not know Best Buy recycled.
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