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Can You Recycle Plastic Sandwich Bags Curbside?

By Recyclebank |

We use them so often, it'd be nice to toss them in the recycle at home, but are sandwich bags allowed in curbside recycling?

Can You Recycle Plastic
Sandwich Bags Curbside?
No. Most places don’t allow soft
plastic to be recycled curbside.

But you can take sandwich bags
to a soft-plastic drop-off station
along with plastic grocery bags!


Some haulers do have programs that allow curbside recycling of soft plastics like plastic grocery bags and sandwich bags, but this is rare. If you're unsure of your hauler's rules, contact them to find out. If it's still unclear, err on the side of caution and keep these items out of your recycle bin. If your hauler does allow them, be sure to follow their guidelines on properly adding them to your recycle bin, and consider yourself lucky!

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  • Maria T. 1 year ago
    We reuse these a few times if we can, and finally for doggie bags. Or just don't use them at all and opt for reusable containers. I have had the same box of baggies for years now because we use them so sparingly.
  • Sonny S. 1 year ago
    I didn't know this. I figured that if they had food, then you couldn't recycle. We already recycle the grocery bags so these will be added.
  • Heather B. 2 years ago
    I wonder if sandwich bags and other used plastic bags retain food debris (and spoiled food debris) which makes them a problem for grocery stores who try to keep the stores hygenic.
  • Helen H. 2 years ago
    why can't I see the answer on these type of questions when you click ???
  • james c. 2 years ago
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