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  • Maria T. 3 years ago
    We reuse these a few times if we can, and finally for doggie bags. Or just don't use them at all and opt for reusable containers. I have had the same box of baggies for years now because we use them so sparingly.
  • Sonny S. 3 years ago
    I didn't know this. I figured that if they had food, then you couldn't recycle. We already recycle the grocery bags so these will be added.
  • Heather B. 3 years ago
    I wonder if sandwich bags and other used plastic bags retain food debris (and spoiled food debris) which makes them a problem for grocery stores who try to keep the stores hygenic.
  • Helen H. 3 years ago
    why can't I see the answer on these type of questions when you click ???
  • james c. 3 years ago
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