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Can You Put Old Clothes In The Recycle? 5

By Recyclebank |

You can do a lot with used clothing, but is recycling them curbside one of those things?


Instead of throwing them in the trash, resell or donate any clothing or shoes in decent condition, and look for a textile recycling drop-off near you for the rest.

Check out some ideas for ways you can make your clothes last longer »

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  • ava o. 17 days ago
    We cut up our old sweatshirts for dusting or grease rags for the garage, they make the best rags!
  • the g. 20 days ago
    stuff old clothes/rags into an old pillow case or sag to create comfortable bedding for your cat.
  • Terri V. 25 days ago
    Do I need to take the sprayer out of spray bottles
  • Len M. 26 days ago
    Can I recycle shredded paper?
    • Ken K. 12 days ago
      Curbside recycling programs vary on whether or not they accept shredded paper. If they do, they often have special instructions regarding shredded paper, so check with your hauler before putting it in the bin.
  • Jennifer L. 29 days ago
    H&M takes used fabrics!! And you get a 15% off coupon. I donate everything I can to homeless shelters etc, but for example old sheets with holes in them, a sweater that has a giant hole beyond repair, old unusable-even-for-crafts fabric scraps, H&M collects the scraps and whatever is unusable for donations they turn into new fabric
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