Live Green and Earn Points


  • Clara S. 2 years ago
    What about old shoes that are worn out?
  • Lesia D. 2 years ago
    Thanks for the info
  • Martha H. 3 years ago
    I donate to agencies I know the clothes will do the most good.
  • Michael C. 3 years ago
    All of our old clothes are recycled (donated) to the Downtown Women's Center, where they are washed 2 or 3 times, then sold in their thrift stores. The money is then used to help fund their shelter for abused women and children. Any rags are donated to quilting organizations, who make quilts, which are then donated to nursing homes in the area, or are sold for fund raisers.
  • Heather B. 3 years ago
    We try never to buy clothing that smells toxic. So much of it does these days. .Some countries use unknown chemicals to treat the fabrics and also expose the garments to heavy pesticides in container ships when garments are shipped overseas. When you wash the garments, those chemicals go into our water here in the US. The US does not screen out these toxic items as one can tell when they are shopping in certain stores. Think the highly toxic smell in your average dollar store or certain department stores. That smell is in many imported clothes these days. Remember that if it smells toxic, heavy odds that it IS toxic.
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