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Can Coffee Grounds And Filters Be Composted? 5

By Recyclebank |

Can you give those coffee leftovers that look like dirt another life?


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  • corla c. 10 days ago
    Great for blueberry plants.
  • Kathy R. 14 days ago
    Investing in a reusable filter for making coffee is even better than composting paper ones.
  • Diana R. 15 days ago
    The coffee filters seem to take a long time to break down.
  • Heather M. 1 month ago
    Your roses will love those coffee grounds also.
  • Lucy S. 1 month ago
    Tomato plants love the acid from coffee grounds. Not quite comfortable with composting filters, unless they're the unbleached kind. FWIW
    • joanna l. 29 days ago
      Lucy, I totally agree with you about the filters. Who knows what chemicals could be in them. (That is why I don't compost newspaper)
    • Lucy S. 29 days ago
      Hi Joanna - I have heard that newspapers now use soy (vs petroleum) based inks but there are additives for color, etc. so I guess one still takes a chance. [Big sigh]
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