Live Green and Earn Points


  • DAGMAR V. 1 year ago
    I'm an avid beader, so I reuse many containers to hold my beads. I.E. Those plastic egg container make "eggcellent " sorters.
  • Lillie S. 1 year ago
    I've never bought garbage bags for everyday garbage can. We use grocery bags for all 6 of our garbage cans in house. All those Amazon boxes I repurposed as much as possible.
    • DAGMAR V. 1 year ago
      The county I live in has a 5 cent grocery bag law now, so we end up having to buy garbage bags :(
  • Roseli Z. 2 years ago
    I've been trying to repurpose everything I can. I cut the top of juice plastic containers, soda bottles etc to store stuff; also, glass jars I up cycle them by painting the lid, the far itself, or other decoration, to store things like cotton balls, bath salt etc.
  • Ann S. 2 years ago
    I donate my old magazines to the nursing home closest to me. My books I swap on line. Not only do I exchange them and get new ones , someone else gets new ones they don't have without having to buy them
  • Tammy B. 2 years ago
    A fun way to recycle those oversized movie candy boxes (whether you buy them there for $5 or elsewhere for $1 and sneak them in, but who would do that?!) is to cut the front off and send as a postcard to kids. The graphics on cereal box fronts work great too. I send these for all sorts of things, like a Red Hot box to celebrate a home run or Good & Plenty to honor great grades. I also make gift boxes (instead of gift bags) from cereal boxes by cutting off the top, punching two holes in each side, and tying ribbons for handles like a gift bag. Use a little recycled tissue paper and wa-la, a unique gift package no one else at the party will bring!
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