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Be Clever With Your Energy Usage This Holiday Season 30

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The U.S. makes up only 4.4% of the world’s population but uses 18% of its energy. Here are some simple ways to lower your impact this holiday season.

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recycle paper at home instead of sending it to the landfill
Complete this slideshow to find out what the impact would be.
Be Clever With Your Energy Usage This Holiday Season
You did it! Now that you’re all prepped to save some serious energy this season, share your thoughts below! We’d love to hear what works for you.
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  • DEBORAH V. 9 days ago
    Enjoying all these great ideas!
  • Cambria P. 1 month ago
    To help conserve energy I use Led bulbs and try to limit washing clothes during the night as well as use a filter for drinking H2O.
  • Gyna P. 2 months ago
    Every year the major electric company in Arizona (APS) raises the rates and the Corporation Commission does nothing about it. So, if we want to eat we have to conserve electricity.
  • Angelica c. 2 months ago
    I’m going to turn the Lights more so i cam sabe more energy
  • MaryAnn M. 3 months ago
    I have a large recycling can in my kitchen lined with the cheapest clear bags you can buy and a paper bag or box next to that for paper then a small can for all other waste. Because there is plenty of room my family will actually stop to recycle things and if they don't I can spot it quickly in the small can and catch that family member
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