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Be Clever With Your Energy Usage This Holiday Season 30

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The U.S. makes up only 4.4% of the world’s population but uses 18% of its energy. Here are some simple ways to lower your impact this holiday season.

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recycle paper at home instead of sending it to the landfill
Complete this slideshow to find out what the impact would be.
Be Clever With Your Energy Usage This Holiday Season
You did it! Now that you’re all prepped to save some serious energy this season, share your thoughts below! We’d love to hear what works for you.
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  • Bonnie C. 2 days ago
    Recycling and keeping lighting updated with the best energy saving ideas I can find
  • Kathy S. 5 days ago
    It is also a good idea to put hot water heater on hour once or twice a day and most homes have all the hot water they need!
  • Rick T. 5 days ago
    it is always good to be thoughtful about our actions. We can always choose to help, or harm our environment.
  • Charles B. 7 days ago
    I taught Environmental Science for well over fifteen years at the high school level. All of my students participated in recycling projects for the entire school. When I retired, the entire school was participating in the program! It is a great idea to teach recycling to the next generation!
  • Suzanne P. 7 days ago
    I love to recycle! I think I got started when I bought recycled two liter carpet and it was wonderful!! I thought about all the people it took to save those and wanted to also help! I feel good to recycle...even though it drives my family crazy when they want to toss it I take it out and remind them I recycle!
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