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Be A Part Of The E-Waste Solution 20

By Recyclebank |

Why e-waste is such a big problem, and what you can do about it.


Have you resold your old electronics, or returned them to retailers? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  • SANDI M. 9 days ago
    Ink jet printers are often cheaper than the ink and many do not work if one color cartridge is low or one print head is damaged. This makes the printer obsolete even if you just want to print in black only. Frustrating. It also makes it hard to donate or resell the printer. Luckily, I found a computer repair place that is willing to take the printers and use the parts and recycle the rest properly. I cannot in good conscience just throw them away.
  • Jean R. 15 days ago
    i always sell ours in garage sales and take leftovers to
  • Hana A. 16 days ago
    About to bring old cell phones and scanner to drop off at Staples as they just advertised they take recycling items like This for free over holiday season. More things to come too.
  • Mandy C. 19 days ago
    We started a Green Team at our school, Hartsburg Emden in Central, Il. We currently are starting our Cellphone Fundraiser next week. We also recycle Plastic Rings, Markers, Plastics, Tin, Aluminum, Cardboard, and Ink Cartridges. I would love to share our success story sometime. Mandy C.
  • Thomas T. 22 days ago
    if you are really serious about recycling why not offer products with multi use options. such as re-usable sandwich and food storage bags?
    • Hana A. 16 days ago
      We rinse out Ziploc bags for snacks for multiple use. Would be terrible to trash or even recycle after just one use for how often awe use them.
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