Live Green and Earn Points


  • Pam M. 2 months ago
    So far I've only had luck repurposing computers. But I remain hopeful that my state will expand its e-waste recycling resources.
  • Sterling H. 5 months ago
    I don't think buying a new smartphone every year is a good idea.
  • Owen T. 6 months ago
    Its so easy I bet I could flick somebody and it would take faster.
  • SANDI M. 7 months ago
    Ink jet printers are often cheaper than the ink and many do not work if one color cartridge is low or one print head is damaged. This makes the printer obsolete even if you just want to print in black only. Frustrating. It also makes it hard to donate or resell the printer. Luckily, I found a computer repair place that is willing to take the printers and use the parts and recycle the rest properly. I cannot in good conscience just throw them away.
  • Jean R. 7 months ago
    i always sell ours in garage sales and take leftovers to
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