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Be a Greener Guest for the Big Game

By Recyclebank |

Even if you’re not hosting, you can still help cut down on waste.


Since you're a member of Recyclebank, we're guessing that you probably plan for all of the various ways you can cut down on waste whenever you're hosting a party. But what should you do when you're a guest of someone else's?

Since not all party-throwers will be as eco-conscious as you are, this can be a tricky subject. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple ways that you can give the party a slight nudge in the right direction without overstepping or making it weird for others.

Reusable Containers
If you’re bringing some snacks or your signature dish, make sure that you choose a reusable container. It might require a little bit of elbow grease to clean it up after the game, but you’ll be keeping stuff out of a landfill, so it’s totally worth it.

Make A Local Dish
If you’ve either offered or been asked to prepare a dish of some kind, hit up the farmers market and source as many local ingredients as you can. It’s probably too cold to pull anything from your garden, but if you’ve got any other homegrown ingredients, be sure to throw them in, too.

Find Local Beer and Wine
If you’re in charge of bringing the adult beverages, or offering to help chip in for them, consider finding some that were produced at either a local craft brewery or a winery nearby. When purchasing beer, cans are preferable to bottles, but whether you’re going with glass or metal, make sure all of the empties are rinsed, dried, and dropped into the recycling cart.

Instead of Food Bring Plates, Silverware and Napkins
Instead of bringing food, offer to bring the plates, silverware and napkins. You could be really ambitious and decide to bring reusable ones that you can offer to clean afterward. If you’ve got to go with disposables, though, you do have a few options. Some companies make post-consumer recycled options, and others offer compostable serve ware—but be sure that they can actually be accepted at the organics digester in your area. Not all can be.

Set Up Recycling and Compost Bins
Okay, this is admittedly a big ask. If you know the host really well, you might consider taking care of all the waste disposal considerations. It’ll help make sure that the whole group is keeping as much out of the landfill as possible. If this is too touchy a subject, you can always gently remind people about the recycling dos and don’ts without getting too passive-aggressive about it.

Since a lot of these game-day parties will probably include some level of alcohol consumption, it’ll be a win-win for people if you coordinate rides. Making sure that you’re cutting down on the amount of vehicles on the road and making sure that guests will have a designated drive is a surefire way to be a sustainable superstar on game day.

If you’re planning on putting any of those tips into action, or if you’ve got some other ideas of your own, feel free to tell us all about it in the comment section below.



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