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Back to the Basics: Recycling at Home

By Recyclebank |

After spending so much time at home during the last few months, we thought it might be a good time for a refreshing of the simple dos and don'ts of recycling.

Back to Basics: Recycling At Home from Recycle Track Systems on Vimeo.



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  • Eleftheria F. 19 days ago
    Nice review of the basics
  • Christine M. 19 days ago
    Great information about trash and how to dispose of it or recycle.
  • Carly J. 27 days ago
    Wait a minute.
    I thought we are supposed to remove all caps from containers unless they have a recycle # on them that is recyclable by our pickups.
    That's the one thing that drew my attention in this video.
  • Dawn H. 1 month ago
    I want to say I did find this video interesting and informative.
  • Dawn H. 1 month ago
    I never knew it took 60 days for a can to make it back to the store. I would love to listen to more educational videos like this.
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