Live Green and Earn Points


  • Felix l. 3 days ago
    I have 10,000 points and I want to spend them in magazines but Recyclebank doesn't have any that I like. The magazines that I like are Money, psychology today, out door photography, popular mechanic, darkroom photography, American photography, wedding photography, digitar photography, coin price, scuba diving, popular photography, and popular science.
  • Olivia K. 6 days ago
    I use the clear plastic containters for storage. I like the fact that they are clear, so I put my bathroom items in them, and kitchen items.
  • Terry F. 7 days ago
    I agree, choice of magazines aren’t great!
  • John M. 4 months ago
    Is Recyclebank headed for the trash pile? Ever since it was taken over by RTS it has steaily gone down hill. Opportunities to achieve points have dwindled to only the Daily Pledge and even the Persistent Pledger achievement has done away. No social media updates since January. I do not see a bright furure for Recyclebank.
  • Alice M. 5 months ago
    I like to refer to my recycng bins as "resource bins". I frequently salvage items from them for crafts, repairs, gardening. I am currently using plastic coffee cans to protect some newly planted trees from getting mowed down or damaged by the lawnmower. You can cut off the bottom of a Folgers coffee can, cut the can vertically, and slip it areoun the tree.
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