Live Green and Earn Points


  • Alice M. 3 days ago
    I like to refer to my recycng bins as "resource bins". I frequently salvage items from them for crafts, repairs, gardening. I am currently using plastic coffee cans to protect some newly planted trees from getting mowed down or damaged by the lawnmower. You can cut off the bottom of a Folgers coffee can, cut the can vertically, and slip it areoun the tree.
  • Colleen D. 6 days ago
    Our sanitation workers are definitely at risk. I appreciate them.
  • Tiffany K. 13 days ago
    Thanks for this video and thanks for shouting out to the sanitation workers....
  • Stacey W. 16 days ago
    I always recycle everything I can. I wish Keurig pods were easier to recycle. I believe most people toss them into the trash.
  • Eva E. 21 days ago
    It’s so sad because take out containers...some places still use styrofoam!
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