Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gregory M. 15 days ago
    Back on point with Recyclebank
  • Brandi M. 1 year ago
    What about using paper bags for recyclables?
  • Felix I. 1 year ago
    I have 10,000 points and I want to spend them in magazines but Recyclebank doesn't have any that I like. The magazines that I like are Money, psychology today, out door photography, popular mechanic, darkroom photography, American photography, wedding photography, digitar photography, coin price, scuba diving, popular photography, and popular science.
    • Gina G. 1 year ago
      Just keep looking and trying. The choices of magazines do change. I have been happily surprised a few times. I have also sent on magazines to friends and family.
    • M M. 1 year ago
      You can get access to a some of those online for free through your local library using Overdrive or Libby. It won't help you spend your points but it is recycle-friendly.
    • Felix I. 10 months ago
  • Olivia K. 1 year ago
    I use the clear plastic containters for storage. I like the fact that they are clear, so I put my bathroom items in them, and kitchen items.
  • Terry F. 1 year ago
    I agree, choice of magazines aren’t great!
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