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Back-To-School Paper-Recycling Refresher 25

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Whether you’re a parent with a child in school, or a college student processing reams of handouts, being in school means using a ton of paper. Here’s what you need to know to recycle it right.

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Corrugated cardboard can usually be recycled right alongside your mixed paper and newsprint.
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Now you’re really ready to recycle this school year! But first — tell us about your school’s recycling habits! How does your school help in the recycling effort? Let us know in the comments below!
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Although towns and cities across the US have different recycling rules and services, one thing remains the same — you can make a difference! Learn what items to avoid, and which questions to ask this school season, so you’re sure everything you toss out goes to the right place.

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  • Debra W. 4 days ago
    We recycle paper and plastic. The school also encourages us to use thermal cups instead of paper or plastic ones. that way we just reuse them over and over.
  • Marsha W. 10 days ago
    We recycle paper, cans and plastic.
  • Rebekah P. 10 days ago
    We just recycle paper in the classrooms but save aluminum cans for cans for kids.
  • Nicole L. 13 days ago
    I work for a rural public library and we recycle our cardboard, plastic cans, and newspapers. I just bought a paper shredder and I want to start recycling our paper! Small steps for us.
  • Jack and Martha W. 19 days ago
    When I was teaching my 4th graders recycled all the items from all of the classrooms in the elementary school. We took it to the maintenance building to be hauled to the city recycling center. Now we have curbside pickup.
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