Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lesia O. 2 months ago
    Thanks, good to know this.
  • Elaine C. 3 months ago
    There are many cool things you can make with zip ties. Google or search online sites for ideas :)
  • Andrea S. 4 months ago
    I actually re-use any zip ties that come as part of product packaging- if you cut a zip tie on the non locking side as close to the head as possible it can be re-used. I sell in consignment sales and try to reduse my cost and waste by as much as possible- re-using zip ties accomplished both!
  • Rebecca D. 4 months ago
    We use the packets and plastics for when we go on vacation and rent a condo or cabin. Nothing is wasted.
  • Dawn D. 5 months ago
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