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Aprende Cómo Coexistir Con Plásticos

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Nadie está diciendo que tienes que tener un difícil rompimiento con el plástico. En vez, aprende cómo bajar el nivel de tu impacto ecológico sin que sea totalmente inconveniente.

Aprende Cómo Coexistir Con Plásticos
¡Buen trabajo! Si tienes algún consejo para compartir con la comunidad, cuéntanos cómo evitas tirar plástico al vertedero en los comentarios.
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  • Derrick C. 3 years ago
  • D A. 3 years ago
    Everyone got the email that this was now available in Spanish. We've already done these in english but you can still get points for these.
  • Carolann Z. 3 years ago
    I opted 2 have Spanish Translated, Y is it not being done/
  • Lorena R. 3 years ago
    This was in Spanish. Why am I getting Spanish content. I don't speak, read or write Spanish!
    • Randi R. 3 years ago
      Click on the Puntos Ganados button and collect the points anyway. This is just a repeat of what we already had in English.
    • Robin R. 3 years ago
      Is your last name spanish? I thought I got it because I am married to a Puerto Rican and my last name is Gonzalez. If not, then it beats me why we are getting it.
    • Lorena R. 3 years ago
      That might be it. I was married to a Renteria. I get junk mail & junk phone calls in Spanish all the time. I'm a bit offended by it.