Live Green and Earn Points


  • Christopher M. 2 years ago
    I love this site, it keeps me on my toes to recycle properly.
  • Roger R. 2 years ago
    Are the reward benefits (gift cards) going to get any better than what we have to choose from?
  • shari l. 2 years ago
    I already do most of these. I do not take plastic bags when shopping. But there always seem to be some in the house. What should I do with those plastic bags?
  • Marilu K. 2 years ago
    I joined recyclebank earlier this year and the many activities I've completed have changed our family's mindset about reusing and recycling in many, many different areas. We always take cloth bags to grocers and stores, carry empty recyclables home so we can control that they are correctly recycled through our city, refuse straws at restaurants, choose paperless options whenever possible, donate our books to libraries and make sure that we share our no longer needed treasures with organizations that can use or repurpose them instead of having them go to landfills. Win, win!
  • Mary J. 2 years ago
    I drive my husband crazy with all the reuseable bags we own. Try my best to not have to use "plastic" grocery bags when at any store. I lived in a National Park back in the 90's and we recycled everything.
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