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  • Georgianna L. 23 days ago
    Recycle old dishes as flower pot trays. Odd glasses can be used for straw holders or utensil holders if you are single and short on drawer space. Or you can use them in your bathroom for your makeup brushes, or as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder. Break up old ceramic dishes and cover an old side table with a mix of the pieces in mosaic fashion for a fun, eclectic addition to your apartment or Carolina Room! Recycle wine bottles with small holiday lights for quaint room lighting. The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild!
  • Linda H. 25 days ago
    I am just learning mosaic techniques and was wondering what I could do to take broken glass and get the edges smoothed like beach glass? Does anyone know of a trick to mimic mother nature? Thanks!
    • Georgianna L. 23 days ago
      There is something you can get, I think, at craft stores to tumble glass, turning into beach glass. If you are doing a mosaic tiling on a table top, all you really need to do is sand off rough edges with a fine grit sandpaper. Then lay it in the quick set grout you would use to adhere the pieces to the table. You can find directions on line I am sure.
    • Elyse E. 18 days ago
      Craft stores sell Beach Glass spray paint :)
  • Kathy M. 28 days ago
    Wash out glass jars / lids and use to store salt/flour/cocoa powder/rice/beans/etc.
  • Jenny C. 1 month ago
    I really try to limit the amount of prepackaged and processed foods in general. This helps eliminate the problem at the source. So let's say I want a pickle; I'll have to make myself work for it and make one from scratch and use a jar at home. Either by repurposing or using a mason jar. Things like beverages, wine and alcohol containers are different. Depending on the size theses can be upcycled by making a great DIY projects for around the house (:
  • AP T. 1 month ago
    Where can I recycle home office paper shredders ?
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