Live Green and Earn Points


  • Joanna M. 6 days ago
    Can't wait to buy my house so i can do a lot of gardening
  • S C. 1 month ago
    Great article. In the past, I've had bigger gardens that had egg plant, mustard, spinach greens, tomatoes, pepper, cukes, squashes, etc. Huge, but as of this year 2020, I've slowed it down a notch. Only beefy tomatoes are growing this summer that I planted in my ground. Can't wait for harvest, yuumm! I like grilled chicken, or pre-cooked, breaded chicken from Tyson in a bag (saves time)heated, my sliced fresh tomatoes, sprinkle pepper and include various salad dressing sauces on the side such as Kroger's ranch, sweet and sour, or creamy Italian, French or even Blue cheese (pick your choice) and a simple rice dish, cheddar broccoli, pilaf, or a Spanish rice, etc. Don't forget some fruit to hang out with the meal. If you grow your own fruit like I do, pear or apples in the back yard, gather, rinse off and chop up some to prepare with a little water, butter, honey or brown sugar, sprinkle of vanilla, dash of salt in a small skillet or pot. Use medium heat, stirring to prevent sticking. When fruit is soften to your liking remove from heat and let cool. Place on a saucer or in your favorite bowl, add whipped creme or, french vanilla ice creme and, if you have a little granola, sprinkle that on your fruit and creme. Why not, smile and enjoy the simple goodies of food from our gardens ! Be safe everyone and thank God for all of his blessings of friends, family and country. SC
  • Lisa T. 2 months ago
    We just put in a raised bed. I'm learning about square foot gardening. Good info.
    • Share S. 2 months ago
      how to you keep the animails and bugs away from eating 1/2 of your garden like me. : _
  • Nikki T. 2 months ago
    Love the idea of raised beds. Didn't know radishes were easy to grow, will be doing that in the future. Also like the note on natural pesticides, to not " harm or kill beneficial wildlife."
  • Kathy S. 3 months ago
    I love tomatoes and live in Kansas which has long, hot and dry summers so in order to maximize my water use I take a 5 gallon bucket with the end cut off and insert the bucket into the ground with the top of the bucket sticking out of the ground by approx 6 - 8". I then plant my tomato plant inside that bucket. What this does is divert the water towards the roots and it has the added benefit of reducing plant damage from our local wild bunnies! These bucket "collars" can be dug up at the end of the season and reused the next year.
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