Live Green and Earn Points


  • Brenda W. 8 months ago
    We have been growing our own for many years... from in ground, raised beds, container gardening, to include recycling plastic barrels as containers and recycling Water Jugs that are delivered but abandoned into Conches, to extend the gardening season. My hubby before retiring recycled Va Cedar Trees (a weed tree), into Log Furniture and we used the shavings ect for mulching. We compost as well and have a contained bamboo Grove as a bird/animal sanctuary (live on an acre in the countryside). We also planted each year for our retirement years (we are now in our 70's), fruit trees, vines and bushes. We taught ourselves about companion planting to bring in beneficial insects and share cuttings or clone what we have and overwinter in our greenhouse what we can. Did you know in zone 7 peppers can be overwintered inside and you will get peppers early in the spring? We also grow herbs to include medicinal herbs. This may not be recycling in the traditional sense, but it does benefit us, wildlife (we grow excess for them too) and our neighbors as well as give back to the land. I highly recommend it; just do not despise small beginnings, and educated yourself during the off season and remember each growing season is a learning experienced and great exercise.
  • Judith B. 9 months ago
    As small twigs and branches come down over the summer, I put them aside, then put them through the chipper. I use this mulch in foot paths to keep the weeds down. I've also used it to mulch some out of the way perennial beds, where uniform mulch color is not an issue.
  • Amanda W. 1 year ago
    Places I've lived have had community gardens where you can buy a plot for the summer
  • Kim B. 1 year ago
    Getting ready to spring time!!
  • Joe B. 1 year ago
    When going to the big home improvement stores, look in the garden area for the pallet of torn bags of soil and fertilizer. Because they are torn, they sell them for pennies. Buy seeds at the end of the season for the following year; like torn bags, they need to get rid of em at that point.
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