Live Green and Earn Points


  • Graciela A. 4 days ago
    Dry garbage separate from wet compostable garbage so one garbage of rinsed out cans wont smell and less trips to garbage
  • Julia O. 20 days ago
    How do we dispose of the Glade Plug Ins vials when empty? They are hard plastic with a foam like tip. There could be millions of them in the landfills is not disposed of properly.
  • Belle S. 1 month ago
    Just like training myself with reusable grocery bags, I've almost mastered having the reusable coffee mug with me. Only problem is my purse size continues to grow!
  • Belle S. 1 month ago
    Like electronics stores offer battery and toner cartridge recycling bins at the front door, it would be great if office supply stores offered recycling for their supplies. I know old pens aren't much from 1 person, but the accumulation could be considerable.
  • Erin C. 1 month ago
    Don't forget that at many coffee shops, including big one like Starbucks, you actually save 10 cents on your drink each time you bring your own cup instead of using one of the disposable ones from the store. Better for the environment and your wallet!
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