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5 Ways to Get Greener in 2020

By Recyclebank |

When it comes to sustainable living, recycling is just the beginning. Check out these quick and easy ways to get a little greener in the year ahead.

5 Ways to Get Greener in 2020
You might not realize it, but by working these quick and easy tips into your everyday routine, you can help us make a big difference all year long.
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  • Kathy S. 1 day ago
    When I buy rotisserie chicken I make sure to get the most out if it by making chicken stock from the skin & bones - this way I get full use out of the chicken and don't need to buy pre-made chicken stock. I also buy chicken and beef bones from our butcher so they don't go to waste. Your local butcher can also sell you chicken skin and the trimmed chicken fat which can be rendered down into a product called "schmaltz". It is a wonderful & much more flavorful substitue for vegetable oil for sauteing.
  • Barbara W. 12 days ago
    Thank You for the 2020 tips.....and the 25 points too!
  • Audrey N. 14 days ago
    I just bought everyone in my family reusable bags for part of their Xmas present and bought myself an extra pair so there should always be some in the car.
  • Eva E. 14 days ago
    We only make enough for the day so no food waste and I have been carrying reusable tote bags for over a decade..
  • Michele R. 14 days ago
    I made grocery bags out of old T-shirts by cutting out the neck and sleeves and sewing up the bottom. Now I have grocery bags I didn’t have to throw my T-shirts in the garbage and I still get to enjoy the logos on them
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