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5 Types of Paper Products That Can’t Get Recycled

We use so many paper products every day, and while so much of it can get recycled, there are several important items that should not go in the bin.

5 Types of Paper Products That Can’t Get Recycled
Thanks for reading! Did any of the items on this list surprise you? Are there any other products you’re not sure about? Chat it up in the comments below and see if you can get some help from the Recyclebank community!
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  • Martha G. 1 month ago
    The link below works if you copy-paste it. I just tried.
  • Martha G. 1 month ago I read the above on Facebook, as post from Country Living. It is 35 things you can sell on eBay. I thought of this site. It says you can sell clean, not crushed toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls to craft people. There are other things like plastic and glass jars, old glass candle jars, and even bottle caps and beer caps and wine bottles. FYI
  • Danielle H. 2 months ago
    All of our cotton t-shirts end up in our big rag basket once they're torn or stained. And we have a big drawer of cloth napkins. I love to find new ones at thrift stores!
  • Aimee M. 3 months ago
    Good idea to compost.
  • Amani S. 4 months ago
    Yes, but you can compost them. Not sure about wax paper, but I believe that also.
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