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5 Types of Paper Products That Can’t Get Recycled

We use so many paper products every day, and while so much of it can get recycled, there are several important items that should not go in the bin.

5 Types of Paper Products That Can’t Get Recycled
Thanks for reading! Did any of the items on this list surprise you? Are there any other products you’re not sure about? Chat it up in the comments below and see if you can get some help from the Recyclebank community!
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  • audrey m. 6 months ago
    i dont buy boxes of tissue. i just use toilet paper. one less thing to worry about.
  • Bunny P. 8 months ago
    We have started using cloth napkins and really like them!
  • Brad W. 2 years ago
    I'm surprised thermal paper (i.e. receipts) wasn't mentioned . . . the BPA coating contaminates recycling (scratch it and it will leave a dark mark)
  • Donna R. 2 years ago
    Can you recycle greeting cards?
    • Brad W. 2 years ago
      Depends . . . if it's strictly paper: yes . . . if it has added materials (i.e. glitter or bows): no, causes contamination in the recycling process
  • Audrey N. 2 years ago
    We always use cloth napkins, just something I grew up with.
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