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5 Things To Know About H2O 25

Water is all around us: It’s in our bodies, in the food we eat and covering most of the world. Even so, these 5 facts might be news to you.

Updated On 02/02/2017 | Originally Published On 12/10/2015
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5 Things To Know About H2O
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  • Susan M. 18 days ago
    Fresh water is precious due to most water being salty.
  • Susan M. 18 days ago
    Water is precious to all creatures on earth.
  • Mark E. 29 days ago
    Very interesting facts.
  • Wendy M. 1 month ago
    Water is too precious to be messing with. If things don’t change soon I just can’t imagine how it will impact my grandchildren’s lives.
  • Cheryl M. 2 months ago
    I get so frustrated when they build and use water for their designs, like making waterfalls or koi ponds or little fake rivers and also all of the golf courses that this country has... It seems as if it is such a waste of our precious resources that they should ban using water for decorations and for keeping more and more golf courses green. All the water that you see in places like Las Vegas around there hotels to me is just ridiculous. Surely boosted somebody's ego to have it included in the architecture as well as the landscape of their buildings :-(
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