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5 Things To Know About H2O 25

Water is all around us: It’s in our bodies, in the food we eat and covering most of the world. Even so, these 5 facts might be news to you.

Updated On 02/02/2017 | Originally Published On 12/10/2015
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5 Things To Know About H2O
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  • Ester S. 1 day ago
    Water can just about clean anything
  • samantha m. 12 days ago
    water is the best
  • Lucy A. 24 days ago
    Water is one of our most precious resources. I think it's about time the government should start putting limits on water use with regards to landscaping, especially the big business and resorts. We've got to start somewhere. Not a lot of people will be happy but would they want their landscape to look lush or would they rather have water to drink!
  • Daniel N. 1 month ago
    I love Recyclebank service, but I have to call you guys on this error in your "5 Things to Know About H2O" article, water CAN be easily created from oxygen and hydrogen.
    A simple combination of these two gases combust and create pure water as the only result. This is how fuel cells work only the fuel cells use a catalyst that combines the gases without combustion, but the result is the same, pure water.
  • Sue C. 1 month ago
    Our gov't should be sure to enforce the laws that protect our water and the surrounding waterways for the good of everyone. Also; don't allow these laws to become undone by ignorance since humans, plants and animals all need it to survive. I make it my business not waste this precious commodity.
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