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5 Things To Know About H2O 25

Water is all around us: It’s in our bodies, in the food we eat and covering most of the world. Even so, these 5 facts might be news to you.

Updated On 02/02/2017 | Originally Published On 12/10/2015
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shorten their showers by 5 minutes each
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5 Things To Know About H2O
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  • James B. 3 days ago
    All of the earth's water is already here. That's a profound thought.
  • Bonnie R. 4 days ago
    What about desalination plants?
  • Charles H. 23 days ago
    It amazes me that so little of the earth's water supply is fresh water.
  • Ruth N. 25 days ago
    We are truly blessed to turn on the spicot and have fresh, clean water. Let's work together to keep it that way.
  • Jennifer W. 27 days ago
    Ditto PPs- water can be created. It is a made of hydrogen and oxygen... It is not an element itself. A fun example- The movie "The Martian" and the main character's potato crop.
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