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  • the g. 2 months ago
    other nations are more advanced then this.
  • Julia P. 2 months ago
    I use and prefer cloth napkins. They perform much better than paper ones. (Same goes for handkerchiefs over tissue paper.)
  • Lisa T. 2 months ago
    I'm having a hard time reducing my paper towel use :(
    • BenD@Recyclebank 2 months ago

      For around the kitchen, try thin, reuaseable sponges that you can throw in the wash.

    • Julia P. 2 months ago
      I think I will always have some use for paper towels, such as for cleaning up pet messes. However, I buy recycled content paper towels. Trader Joe's has paper towels made from recycled paper, as well as toilet paper from recycled paper.
  • Frances J. 2 months ago
    I recycle plastic utensils a plastic cups many times before recycling them or tossing. Especially the one I get from eating frozen yogurts, They are good to use when it is necessary such as when traveling.
  • Mary L. 3 months ago
    As long as it's not horribly soiled I put the in the firepit. I reuse plastic or use not disposable plastic.
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