Live Green and Earn Points


  • Mary L. 3 days ago
    As long as it's not horribly soiled I put the in the firepit. I reuse plastic or use not disposable plastic.
  • Barbara S. 5 days ago
    I put all used paper in my compost bin, and have switched to glass drinking cups and bring my own container to the coffee shop. Every like bit helps!
  • Sara S. 26 days ago
    Shredded paper lines the kitchen compost bin. Not only does it keep the bin cleaner and easier to empty, but no one is going to steal data from paper that is shredded AND covered in rotten fruit.
  • Sara S. 26 days ago
    Check to see what actually can go in your organics bin. My napkins, tissues, paper towls, paper plates and pizza boxes all go in the green bin. (Of course, reusable is always better)
  • Sherry E. 1 month ago
    Since shredded paper can't go in the recycle, I bury it in my compost pile
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