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  • Lori S. 1 day ago
    You can reuse pretty paper plates if they have a smooth finish and are not soaked with grease. Just run them under warm water for a second and wipe dry with towel. When on vacation, we take matching sets of paper plates and napkins and just a few of them can last the whole trip so you are not creating a lot of trash. We also take real silverware and small mugs and stuff it all in a picnic basket. Pretty paper plates are pricey, so get your value out of them. An elderly Yankee lady taught me how to reuse paper plates that just had sandwiches/chips/cake/ etc. on them.
  • Kris Osman R. 3 months ago
    Use handkreifs
  • the g. 6 months ago
    other nations are more advanced then this.
  • Julia P. 6 months ago
    I use and prefer cloth napkins. They perform much better than paper ones. (Same goes for handkerchiefs over tissue paper.)
  • Lisa T. 6 months ago
    I'm having a hard time reducing my paper towel use :(
    • BenD@Recyclebank 6 months ago

      For around the kitchen, try thin, reuaseable sponges that you can throw in the wash.

    • Julia P. 6 months ago
      I think I will always have some use for paper towels, such as for cleaning up pet messes. However, I buy recycled content paper towels. Trader Joe's has paper towels made from recycled paper, as well as toilet paper from recycled paper.
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