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5 Everyday Items That Can Replace HHW Materials 30

By Recyclebank |
No need to pay for those harsh, hard-to-dispose cleaners and insecticides — not when you already have plenty of alternatives lying around the house.
5 Everyday Items That Can Replace HHW Materials
Thanks for reading! Do you have any old-school alternatives to HWW that you use around the house? Let us know in the comments below.
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  • sharon d. 20 hours ago
    I have replaced chemical household cleaners with baking ,cleans my sink, use in my washer and it also saves me a lot of money
  • Laura L. 2 days ago
    I don't keep club soda in the house, but I usually have a sparkling water like Perrier or Pellegrino. Can I use that or does it contain too many other minerals which won't work?
  • Marc C. 3 days ago
    Trump will truly ruin this country. :(
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    • Elaine C. 2 days ago
      This comment doesn't belong here... and then there is the fact you do not have a clue/ I bet you thought Obama was great... Give Trump a chance, at least he is working hard and not vacationing or playing golf or hosting a party every other day on our dime...
    • Marc C. 2 days ago
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  • Ken S. 11 days ago
    we use white vinegar on windows then wipe them clean with newspaper...streakfree!!
  • Norma M. 12 days ago
    Any ideas on window cleaning?
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