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5 Easy Ways to Use Less Water While Rinsing Recyclables 25

By Recyclebank |
Keeping recyclables clean helps prevent contamination, but doing so while conserving water can be tricky. Here are a few tips from our members! 
5 Easy Ways to Use Less Water While Rinsing Recyclables
Thanks for reading! What are your go-to ways to conserve water? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Linda S. 28 minutes ago
    If I have stained items that must be laundered, I fill the tub, put in the items, but don't turn it on, till I have a full load
  • Susan T. 14 hours ago
    I keep buckets in the showers to catch the water while it is warming up, I do this in the sink as well. This water is used for laundry or watering the plants.
  • Robert R. 1 day ago
    Replaced shower heads.
  • Elaine Z. 1 day ago
    I have very old bathtub/shower faucets, I keep a pail underneath to catch the water drips and I water my plants
  • charlotte k. 1 day ago
    After emptying coffee from its carafe, I pour in about a cup of water to swirl around and clean the glass. I water my plants with the rinse water then dump coffee grounds in indoors compost bucket.
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