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  • Michelle V. 11 days ago
    Best Buy will take 3 e-waste products at a time. I dropped off my old radio alarm clock and some old cell phones there. They deleted all the data off them for me first.
  • Gina L. 1 year ago
    I just received an email from Staples recently. They accept most e-waste. Batteries are a great thing to drop off. They stated they will clean your files a minimum of 7 times according to local/national law and they will give up to $2 for recycle printer refills. This is one company jumping in to help.
  • Maria C. 1 year ago
    great information .
  • Kayla H. 2 years ago
    If it's a phone that's completely functional, just outdated (I have an old iPhone 4s that I'm no longer using), where should I take it? Is there anywhere that will buy it from me or give me any money at all for it rather than just recycling it for free?
    • Kerry K. 2 years ago
      You mentioned your phone is functional but do an internet search for "sell broken iphone 4s" to get a nice selection. Try working with a company that has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Get quotes from different businesses who buy used phones to see who can give you the best offer. Good Luck Kayla!
    • Kristen K. 1 year ago
      You can check they will pay for it. Another app called declutter will pay you for used electronics, books, DVDs and CDs too.
    • Kristen K. 1 year ago
      Also the app Let Go ppl will by used appliances and electronics.
    • Martha M. 10 months ago
      You can sell it on eBay.
  • Barbara O. 2 years ago
    We have have old phones, tv's, maybe a vcr or two, a washer that's rusted making it leak and a dryer that's ready to go...that might be it.
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