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5 Amazing Facts About Recycling And GHG Emissions 5

By Recyclebank |
The waste we’re diverting nationwide is making a big difference. Check out just how much it’s lowering our collective GHG footprint!

Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency

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  • Lillie S. 23 days ago
    Why don't people recycle!!! It's not like it takes more energy to put the thing in the recycling bin!!! Sorry, didn't mean to get flustered.
  • Kanchan K. 1 month ago
    I am doing my part.
    If this big is the impact of recycling this much, I wonder how much would be the adverse impact of the stuff that doesn’t get recycled on the environment!
  • Jenn S. 2 months ago
    I love the comparison to taking cars off the road. Makes it easier to understand the impact
  • Carolyn S. 3 months ago
    We recycle a lot!! The amount of our collected recyclables compared to taking cars off the road is staggering. I'm so much more informed. Thank you Recycle bank.
  • Doug H. 4 months ago
    if more folks recycled we sure could down on GHG
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