Live Green and Earn Points


  • Shakhnoza S. 2 days ago
    Second hand ideas it’s great
  • Monique G. 3 days ago
    I either borrow books from the library or get books from thrift shops. Reading lengthy articles and books on line drives me crazy
  • Colleen D. 5 days ago
    I like the ideas of secondhand. So much we throw away can be used by someone.
  • Elaine D. 13 days ago
    With the covid crisis, it is both heartwarming & earth-friendly to see how the extra milk & meat from animals is being used for those who are less fortunate or have no income right now. Why does it take a pandemic to use our God-given minds wisely?
  • Brandy G. 14 days ago
    Nice list! I think I'm going to read The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide for a start and then see where that leads me to.
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