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  • Robert S. 5 years ago
    I have quite a few CRT monitors & TVs lying around my mom's garage/basement. I'm helping clean stuff out that isn't needed. Best Buy will take other electronics for free but charge for CRT monitors. Does anyone know how to find local recycling that will not charge for these items? Google has not helped very much with finding places that take them for free, and donation places like Goodwill don't take them.
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    I donate them.
  • RecycleBank M. 10 years ago
    i hope that you still share info as how we can send abandoned or lost cell phones to a place where the parts can be scavenged for re-use.
    please send this info to as i recently found an old ATT flip phone and hope to discard it in a useful manner.
  • Kathie and Anthony K. 10 years ago
    We have been taking apart the towers and saving the parts that are reusible at our Computer business but as everyone knows you can't get rid of the old monitors. Buisnesses have to charge to accept them. Many local city collections exist where someone has gotten a grant to accept these materials and dispose of them correctly. Check with your City to see if this is available. The metal components and some of the plastic cases are recycleable just take them apart and look for the recycle cymbols inside the cases. Memory, fans, aluminum heat exchangers are all recycleable. break them down yourself and see what's inside!
  • Traclyn C. 10 years ago
    Where can I recycle old blow dryers?
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