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  • Debra B. 6 years ago
    You don't get a cork pop like you do with champagne! Both are good ways of consuming wine. Wine corks can be made into awesome craft projects, such as hot gluing around photo frames, etc.The Rabbit is a good wine bottle opener as stated below. Find the wine you like and purchase a screw on cap or a cork,,,just support your local wineries for a good impact to your area or state!
  • Ann M. 6 years ago
    I sure wish they would go to the screw tops. I have CTS and arthritis. Removing the cork takes a long time for me, but. I do use the corks for projects and use a capper that I got from the Dollar Tree to store the unused wine for the next time.
    • Donna D. 6 years ago
      Check out an opener called Rabbit. This has been the best and easiest I have ever used. You don't have to have a good grip and the cork comes right back off the screw thing. I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
    • Ann M. 6 years ago
      Thank you Donna! I have an armful of 20% off coupons too. A good thing to do for tomorrow! :)
  • Gina L. 6 years ago
    Nothing new here. It is well known that screw tops are more sanitary and convenient than cork. The newer top does not effect the flavor. I have tasted too many bottles of wine that were ruined by a cork gone wrong.
  • Lili S. 7 years ago
  • Daniel C. 8 years ago
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