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Do Pesticides Get Recycled?

By Earth911 |
It's a tricky question — find out how to recycle them properly and safely.
Courtesy of Earth911 | Originally Published: 07/29/09

This is a pretty tricky question. Pesticides themselves can never be recycled. Though pesticide containers can be recycled, these containers also need to undergo special treatment and cannot be simply tossed into your curbside bin. Here is a breakdown of different ways to dispose of pesticides properly and safely:

First and Foremost

Always read the label. The label on the container your pesticide came in should list explicit disposal instructions. You should never dump pesticides into a sewer, field or stream. The best way to dispose of pesticides is to use them up entirely. In order to avoid overuse, it is best to buy the least amount possible. For additional instructions on where to dispose of your pesticides, use Earth911.

The Container

After you have either used all of your pesticide, or have some leftover, consider what needs to be done with the container as well as the chemical. Do not attempt to rinse the container out yourself. Simply take the container, along with the leftover chemical, to your local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event. The pesticide will be properly disposed of and the container will be appropriately treated and then recycled, if possible. To find a local event HHW event near you, use Earth911.

Check With The Manufacturer

Read the label and determine who manufactured the pesticide. Some will be glad to take back your leftover pesticide or old container. For some larger purchases of pesticides, many retailers will allow you to reuse your container. This creates less waste and enables you to continue to use a safe container. Many times, you can continue to store these products in their original containers until the next time you need to use them.

What other unusual gardening supplies have you found ways tor reuse or recycle? Let us know in the comments below!

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