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  • Ricky C. 5 years ago
    Awesome diy, thanks
  • Joyce S. 5 years ago
    Made these torches and they are unique and great. Converted some friends!
    • Tender T. 5 years ago
      did you paint your torches? With a cute logo or anything? Or do they get too hot? I would like to put my logo or my something on them so no one steals them grant you they are bottles but I want someone to think twice as I am making myself a meditation spot in my back yard for the spring summer and fall.
  • Diane M. 5 years ago
    Isn't that flame awfully close to the wood?!
  • Tammy B. 5 years ago
    You can make unique drinking glasses from wine, liquor and soda bottles by learning simple glass cutting and buffing (to make lip smooth). There are many tutorials on YouTube. Someone have a favorite drink, make them one, or make a variety set. Great gift and people love them!
  • Julie R. 6 years ago
    Giving me some more much needed crafting ideas
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