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Ditch the Traditional Planter and Hang Your Plants Like Artwork!

By Trish Smith |
Turn your walls into living pieces of art with these plants in a pocket!

Turn your walls into living pieces of art with these plants in a pocket!

We’ve shared with you a few ways that you can “green” your walls, such as how a damaged chopping block can become beautiful wall art, the cool designs of Wall Flats 3D wallpaper and where the recycled wallpaper wild things are. Well, here’s a way that you can literally green your walls…with live plants! Miguel Nelson, artist and founder of, happily introduces Wally, the modular living wall system that you can put up just about anywhere.

Wallys are vertical felt wall planters that are made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re basically huge pockets that you hang on the wall, fill with soil and then grow plants in. The pockets have built-in moisture protecting lining, so you don’t have to worry about water running down your walls. They also come in three sizes and three colors to accommodate any surrounding environment.

Here’s how they work:

Here’s what one pocket looks like:

Here’s founder Miguel Nelson with his design:

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The Woolly Pocket website also features the Wee Woolly (a plant pocket smallest enough to fit on a table) and the Meadow (the “momma pocket” that’s great for growing vegetable gardens).

Who would have guess that plants in a pocket could be so cool? Obviously they are, so go out and green your walls today!

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