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  • cassandra k. 8 years ago
    washing dishes by hand
  • james and Ella Mae j. 9 years ago
    we use the dishwasher to disinfect the dishes and we love our dishwasher.
  • VALERIE H. 9 years ago
    I like having the option. My dish washer cuts down on the time it takes me to wash all those dishes. I still wash dishes by hand but when I am tired, in a hurry, have lots of company over etc... I enjoy knowing those dishes are being done while I am entertaining.
  • Genie C. 9 years ago
    When I was a kid, we just washed them by hand, but when I became a mother, I realized that things would be healthier for the children, with a dishwasher, and I asked my husband for one. It definitely helps keep them more sanitary, and is less time consuming. My family has had very little sickness!
    I had a friend who wanted one, too, but her husband would not do it. I explained to her how much more sanitary and healthy it was for the family, and how it could keep medical bills down, and she gave him that advice as to how much better it would be, for their health, and he agreed to do it. It just makes sense! It worked!
    I would never go back, and I do believe that it is good for us all, and it even saves water and money in more ways!
  • sweaterhead x. 9 years ago
    Unless you have an ancient dishwasher, you do NOT NOT NOT need to rinse beforehand - that would be wasteful in time and water. You should scrape any large excess food off of plates and that's it.
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